Agility in Customs Operations : Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Why Does AEO mean Speed in Customs Operation?

Bilin Global Logistics is one of the few logistics companies in Turkey to obtain the AEO certificate. Therefore, the company expects to gain special customs privileges in later 2018, which include customs operations without paperwork, and customs clearance in companies’ own facilities.

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a special program launched by Turkish government, which aims to facilitate trade operations by minimizing lead times and costs as well as enhancing supply chain security. This program’s is aligned with the Turkey’s vision for enhancing and facilitating customs and foreign trade activities.

Privileges Of AEO

According to Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade, the certificate holders will have privileges such as:

  • The rights of local clearance, authorized consignor status, and authorized consignee status
  • The use of lump-sum guarantees or partial guarantees,
  • Issuing A.TR movement certificates and EUR.MED invoice declarations on their own,
  • Submitting incomplete declaration and documents,
  • Summary declaration with reduced data,
  • Green-line facilitations,
  • Less documentary and physical controls, control priorities.