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Bilin Global Logistics & Warehousing

Bilin Global Logistics and Warehousing

Bilin Global Logistics operates five warehouses in Marmara region and one in İzmir. Another warehouse will be operational in 3rd Istanbul Airport once it is in service in 2019.

# Name Capacity Location Type
1 AHL ~770 m2 Istanbul Temporary+Free
2 ÇATALCA ~5,320 m2 Istanbul Temporary
3 BODRUM ~33,518 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Free
4 MARMARİS ~17,152 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Free
5 ÇEŞME ~12,700 m2 Istanbul Free
6 İZMİR ~8,222 m2 Izmir Free
7 NEW ISTANBUL AIRPORT ~11,500 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Temporary

Last updated at 2018-04-10.

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Bilin Global Logistics – Milestones (2009 – 2019)

Bilin Milestones

Bilin Global Logistics Believes in Continuous Investment for Continues Success

The company gained remarkable market recognition with its transportation and warehouse services to both local and international customers. This achievement is strongly related with corporate investments through the years.

Here are the important milestones between years 2009 and 2019:

  • 2009 Foundation of Logistics Company
  • 2009 Certificates of IATA & R2
  • 2010 Opening of HQ in Istanbul
  • 2011 Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) Permission
  • 2013 Certificates of Express Cargo Delivery
  • 2013 Opening of Yenibosna (Warehouse #1) in Istanbul near Istanbul Ataturk Airport
  • 2015 Opening of Çatalca (Warehouse #2) in Istanbul as two adjacent warehouses namely Blue and Green Warehouses
  • 2016 Opening of Bodrum and Marmaris (Warehouse #3, and#4) in Istanbul
  • 2016 Opening of Çeşme (Warehouse #5) in Istanbul
  • 2016 Opening of Izmir (Warehouse #6) in Izmir
  • 2016 Opening of Izmir (Warehouse #6) in Izmir
  • 2017 Certificate of AEO
  • 2018 Relocation of Warehouse #4 and #5 to a new single warehouse in Istanbul
  • 2019 Opening of the New Warehouse #7 in the New Istanbul Airport
Bilin Geçici Depolama
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Speed in Customs Operations : Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Agility in Customs Operations : Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Why Does AEO mean Speed in Customs Operation?

Bilin Global Logistics is one of the few logistics companies in Turkey to obtain the AEO certificate. Therefore, the company expects to gain special customs privileges in later 2018, which include customs operations without paperwork, and customs clearance in companies’ own facilities.

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a special program launched by Turkish government, which aims to facilitate trade operations by minimizing lead times and costs as well as enhancing supply chain security. This program’s is aligned with the Turkey’s vision for enhancing and facilitating customs and foreign trade activities.

Privileges Of AEO

According to Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade, the certificate holders will have privileges such as:

  • The rights of local clearance, authorized consignor status, and authorized consignee status
  • The use of lump-sum guarantees or partial guarantees,
  • Issuing A.TR movement certificates and EUR.MED invoice declarations on their own,
  • Submitting incomplete declaration and documents,
  • Summary declaration with reduced data,
  • Green-line facilitations,
  • Less documentary and physical controls, control priorities.
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What Is Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate?

Yetkilendirilmiş Yükümlü Sertifikası

Internationally valid Authorized Economic Operator Certificate is generated to facilitate import and export procedures. It enables completion within soonest possible notice, customs clearance in respect of both importation as well as exportation issues of those companies with a proven record of credibility and fulfilling requirements of specific regulatory practices. By virtue of Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, business enterprises are allowed to receive the imported commodities directly within their manufacturing premises. Whereas any exported goods could be forwarded from such manufacturing premises directly to customs clearance outwards. Thus, it is ensured faster performance of the relevant procedures.

Which Prerequisites Are Sought?

The primarily sought prerequisite is credibility. The entity is required to be free of any criminal offense regarding customs legislations.

Its business books and records should be reliable and traceable. It should be attended and taken care to keep and maintain any and all records concerning business operations and transportation so as to ensure that customs clearance controls are made in the easiest manner possible. It should further be assured that means of security are duly adopted so as to keep the computer system and all entries of the unit filing application in secret and avoid any unauthorized access by third parties. Any and all data and particulars with respect to the product specifications and transportation of the same should be kept and maintained in a systematic manner.

There should be available financial capability to meet and cover the undertakings.
It is amongst the prerequisites that safety and security of the foregoing are provided for and maintained in utmost care. It should be created the medium required for inspection of the goods. Further, in case there is any deficiency which might cause confusion and/or substitution between the goods, this should be eliminated. Regular security checks should be initiated and business methods and conduct should be set forth mutually with the stakeholders.

Bilin İthalat İhracat

Amenities To Be Enjoyed

In fact, companies in possession of Authorized Economic Operator Certificate become some type of Customs Administration. To this effect, manufacturing premises holding such a certificate are enabled to make the audits of their own products more conveniently and ensure faster advancement of the relevant procedures.

There are certain facilities provided to those companies holding this certificate without demand. Understatement method and partial assurance practices appear before us and are confronted with as facilitated practices. It is included in the practices concerning control of the declaration, such processes like green line application, in circumstances where control of documents are deemed necessary, carrying out documentary controls preemptively, and in cases where inspection is required, similarly preemptive performance of such inspections.

Likewise, in respect of safety and security, there are substantial conveniences granted to the companies through possession of Authorized Economic Operator Certificate. First of these is preferential right of passage. While declaring the summarized manifest of data required to be declared mandatorily, it is provided ease and ensured that customs controls pertaining to such resume are reduced and simplified. Yet another facility is preferential performance of these controls.

Whenever certain companies file requests therefor, they could make avail of specific conveniences regarding certain diverse applications. In case of demand, they are entitled to lump sum guarantee implementation as well as approved export authorization. Such issues like ATR, EUR-MED and invoice statement issuance, entitlement to on-site customs clearance in respect of import and export procedures, licensed consignor and consignee authorization are amongst issues that could be possessed and enjoyed as and when requested.

Cooperation With Customs Administrations

If you are a company in possession of Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, you could be allowed ease of passage through customs. All customs clearance procedures could be carried out faster compared to other companies, and priorities are granted.

Erenköy gümrüğüne bağlı Bilin Bodrum Depo

Proceeds Of Being An Authorized Economic Operator

Companies in possession of such certificate are entities with proven credibility in the market. Further, since their process costs would be reduced, thus allowing them extra time, this would also enhance their competitive power. They are welcome to make use of the privileges provided in those countries where this certificate is in effect. Expenses are reduced and their cooperation with suppliers is improved and augmented. All sorts of uncertainties that could arise in relation with the
shipments are minimized. They are further promoted regarding operating in compliance with the rules.

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