We, as Bilin Group who has contributed to Turkish economy for over 65 years, have been continuosly expanding with the strategies which we built on solid basis. Since the first day, we have gone along in the frame of our mission of sustainable effiency and sustainable development. Since the year 2010 in which I took charge in the track of The Deceased Muhasin Sarman, we have gained acceleration. We have taken a significant place at the sector with the world’s giant firms which we have served.

Since the first day of our journey, our passion for serving which lives on our team soul has been the most important sign of our loyalty for our business and we have made it a habit to work devotedly and see the world dynamics closely with our energic and creative crew just to deserve your trust for us. As a factor supporting all those, we stated our business ethics and business principles by running our business in the ‘’Technological, Innovative, Environmental, Enterpreneur, Solution-Oriented and Result-Oriented ways.

As Bilin Group, we serve not only in Turkey but also in the various spots of the world constantly with the expert customs brokers and staff in the İstanbul Main Headquarters, 8 region headquarters at Ataturk International Airport Gate B and C, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Erenköy and in İzmir Free Zone, Bursa, Eskişehir and Ankara at the 7 branches which take place at Halkalı, Ambarlı, Haydarpaşa, TSE points, İzmir customs and in Ankara and Mersin. As a customs brokerage and logistics company, our business partners, customers and employees at every level have been regarded as the most important building Stone in the Bilin Group family.

We have taken on a duty serving our customers by putting the customer satisfaction and our clean history in the importance order and in accordance with these principles. To provide this, we make a difference with our innovative services and take the lead the grounds at the sector by investing in our services as well as our employees. The essential virtues and structures for taking the lead of the innovations in the future like in our 65 year old history has been our basic principle since the day Bilin Grup was established.

To be open to the all alert systems proactively, to focus on the long run, to fast-adapt the strategies to the new opportunities, to make stable the financial structure to the threats, to structure the accurate risk managements, to award the sustainable value creation instead of short run advantages are the qualifications which will make the Bilin Group leader and realiable in the future just like it did in the past.

Bilin Group is in the group form which creates value to the companies in their portfolio by focusing the sustainable growth and long term investments. Our strongest side is our balanced portfolio structure which spread into various sectors in the aspect of both growth opportunities and risk management. There is a well balanced spread of the mature companies which have high profits and the companies which grow faster in our portfolio and our strategies are built to protect this structure.

We actualize the projects which will create a value on the Turkish citizen’s lives while creating value for our customers and employees. We put our signature under the numerous education, activity and social responsibility events with the social citizenship consciousness. We present educational opportunities to our university students with our trainee programs and prepare them for the future with the aim of embodying them into the Bilin Group body.

Our aim is to create a 100 year old Turkey brand in accordance with the sucess and harmony with our potential customers, customers and employees by protecting our history as Bilin Group and develop new assosciations which will empower us during this journey.

We promise to continue being a company which will create values on the environment, society, sector, employees and customers in the future terms.

Affections and Regards

C. Saruhan SARMAN