Customs Brokerage Services - Istanbul, Turkey

Customs Brokerage Istanbul Turkey

Our legislation department composed of customs brokerage expert and high level customs experienced ‘’A card’’ holder staff provides consultancy service for all your questions and problems. The changes and the developments in which you are interested are circulated on time by tracking the customs legislation via e-mail or fax.

Customs tariff finding consultancy service is provided in addition. New developments are pointed out by organizing training programmes and in-company training programmes for both our employees and you on the current and important subjects.

Prior Authorizations

Essential authorizations are taken from the competent authority for the products and goods which are subjected to prior authorization.

Foreign Exchange Transaction

Foreign Exchange Transaction processes are tracked by fulfilling declaration closes, guarantee releases and banking transactions etc. in import and export customs clearance transactions.

Certified Interpreting

The interpreting service which is essential for import and export customs operations are provided our own interpreters. Additionally, business tracking are performed at the relevant departments, TSI departments in state offices and Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.

Online Tracking System (Web-based)

Our every client is given a username and a password. All current motions about foreign trade is tracked full time by the user.