Our importion department, head-office import employees and deliverer, they co-operate in all these process and present limitless services with each supportive units including legislation and release guarantee.

With our customs reprensentative system, we can perform the constant communication in every process and the follow-up in each stage for your entire transaction which are in the head-office import department.

Besides, with our legislation department, we can kindly help you obtaining consultation in all your customs clereance operations.


Our export department provides service integrated with the head office export staff and support units (Courier Department and Transportation Department).

All of your export processes are run by your customer representatives chosen personally for you with the customer representative system in our head office export department.

All of the documents which are needed to be prepared for your export transactions (Turkish invoice, Foreigner invoice, Weight list, ATA carnet, Preliminary Authorizations and Consular Confirmation)are supplied by our export department.