• Bilin Customs and Brokerage service was established in 1948. Since then we continue to grow our business network and work-load. In this point, we began to provide service in the logistic sector 2009.
  • In the our sector, the last step of the supply chain is Warehouse & Freezone Area operations and we know that these operations are so important for all process. At this point, we started to give service for you with these sectors.
  • As Bilin Group, our main principle is customer centricity and we want to show that also warehousing sector for our valuable customers.
  • Our modern warehousing site has 19.500 centare area. This area was built in accordance with American standards.
  • Other warehousing site is being offered service in the Erenköy Customs area . It has necessary technical infrastructure and ıt’s location is so close in downtown. Total field is 5000 centare in there. We have justified pride of our high quality service for you.


  • Floor to ceiling height of warehouse is 10,50 meter and we have six hyraulic ramps in this area.
  • Total area in the our Freezone sites is 14500 centare and the fist one has 9000 centare area with 10,50 meter ceiling height.
  • It has large capacity in operaton with eight hyraulic ramps and pass-through possibility for vehicles.
  • Our other warehousing area is 6.500 centare with 5 meter ceiling height. It has six hyraulic ramps capacity.