Bilin Global Logistics and Warehousing

Bilin Global Logistics operates five warehouses in Marmara region and one in İzmir. Another warehouse will be operational in 3rd Istanbul Airport once it is in service in 2019.

# Name Capacity Location Type
1 AHL ~770 m2 Istanbul Temporary+Free
2 ÇATALCA ~5,320 m2 Istanbul Temporary
3 BODRUM ~33,518 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Free
4 MARMARİS ~17,152 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Free
5 ÇEŞME ~12,700 m2 Istanbul Free
6 İZMİR ~8,222 m2 Izmir Free
7 NEW ISTANBUL AIRPORT ~11,500 m2 Istanbul Bonded+Temporary

Last updated at 2018-04-10.