What makes Bilin different at the customs brokerage sector is their customer oriented working concept, reliable and accessible online working principles as well as the new strategies, Bilin has been discovering constantly just to hold the customer satisfaction at the first place.

Detailed Solutions, The Consultancy, The Planning and The Target-Oriented Organization

While scheduling and ending the business in an efficient way we obtain the documents, describe the products and classify for the customs tariff in accordance with the laws.

Consultancy in Every Phase

We provide consultancy service before or after starting business, in addition, we organize archiving process for our partners and online tracking menu shall be set up on-demand

Customer Representative Service

All processes of business are tracked by dedicated customer representatives (plannings, operations, accounting process are followed.

Strong Loyalty to Legal and Moral Principles

By obeying all laws, we avoid penalties and misunderstandings by foreseeing the possible future problems. We always represent our business partners in a professional way.

The Speed and The Responsibility

Finishing all process of business partnerships at the assigned time and organizing the operation until it reaches the destination is performed with the fastest way with insurance vehicles.

Experience and The Perfect History

Bilin is one of the leaders in customs sector and from the beginning Bilin has been providing services to many different sectors with continuously success. It has been our honour to keep our history clean for 65 years.

The Trademark and The Sustainability

Since 1948, Bilin has worked at all offical points (Istanbul and all of the other customs points) with highest cooperation level.

24x7 Support

24×7 Communication support, the service to provide the necessary information and if requested, support service at location with the dedicated vehicle.

Solution-Oriented Service

With the aim of stating and solving the solution partners both in the time and in the future, analyzing the current operations and running these processes under legal warranties.

Financial Support

Financial support service with high limited credibility on request with our strong corporative structure and 1.000.000 TRL capital.

Strong IT Structure

With the latest technological hardwares and information network, online document approval with the Evrim, Ulukom UND support and non stop data interchanging services

Sense of Belonging and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction oriented employee profile consisting of the operational staff who are customs department of university graduated and experts at their own fields of sector.

Variaty and Balanced Portions

As well as serving the leading companies of the sector which consists of aircraft industry, vending machines, white goods, vitreous goods, furnishing, we adapt ourselves to the new operation processes analyzing the operation with the minimum workforce at the minimum time.

Authorizations and Access/Intercommunication Advantages

Taking an active role at the processes of all authorization preparation as control and investigation certification, and inward processing regimes


Full and accurate legislation and foreign trade consultancy by the customs brokerage who are experts at their sectors and holding A carnet and foreign trade staff trainings and seminars on request.